Pink Lion JUMBO Wall Scroll by Chumbasket

Pink Lion JUMBO Wall Scroll by Chumbasket

  • $ 104.99

Who doesn't love a big lion? A big, cuddly fluffy lion who just wants to snuggle you with his enormous, powerful lion muscles?

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Comes with two 90cm aluminum hanging poles with endcaps and hanging hooks.

This is a JUMBO wall scroll that is 180cm long and 90cm wide. This makes it over six feet tall! That means it is essentially life sized.

Looking to save big on shipping? Especially overseas? Order your wall scroll without poles! Our scrolls use standard PVC poles you can order in any hardware store, so buy your own and save!

THIS IS A MADE-TO-ORDER ITEM. Please allow 4-8 weeks for this item to arrive.

Finished product is not watermarked.

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