Thanko Inflatable Dakimakura Pillow Insert

  • $ 74.99

Looking for the ideal insert for your favorite dakimakura pillowcase? Thanko has rigorously engineered this inset to be the optimum in cuddly comfort. The inflatable interior allows you to adjust the firmness or cuddliness of your pillow to whatever is best for you, and the removable warming pad automatically heats the entire pillow up to body temperature - making it extra snuggly! The warming pad is also powered by a USB plug, enabling you to take this with you anywhere! You also receive a free standard white pillowcase.

Features include:

  • Inflatable. Do not use with water.
  • Thick, durable plastic for maximum longevity
  • Precision Japanese engineering, optimized to last for years!
  • Perfectly fits all our dakimakura pillowcases.
  • Maximum heat: 36°C (96.8°F)
  • Length when Inflated: 145cm (4.8 ft)
  • Includes cover, USB heater with cable (around 1.46m, 4.8")


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