The Definitive Roland Volume 2: Other People's Characters

The Definitive Roland Volume 2: Other People's Characters

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I have been writing furporn since about two weeks after my 18th birthday. Thanks to a lot of enthusiasm, a high typing speed, and a bit of persistence, I have written almost half a million words worth of furry erotica, almost all of it in short stories. This 317 page book contains all of the stories I have written for GSPervert, Tetsuo and Roochak, along with some commentary for each story, or at least each batch of stories. They are broken down by subject matter and content, so you can easily and quickly find what you are looking for via the table of contents. Between this volume and volume 1, all of the work I have ever posted in public can be found, including "lost" works and many stories which have never before been published. This is the second of three volumes, and the only other one which will be available in digital form.

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