• Kitchen Shenanigans Portiere Curtain

Kitchen Shenanigans Portiere Curtain

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Lots of fun can be had in the kitchen. Just take a look at what this tiger and horse are doing! Just enter the kitchen carefully so you don't slip! This door curtain has a split down the middle so you can walk right in!

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THIS IS A MADE-TO-ORDER ITEM. Please allow 4-8 weeks for this item to arrive.

A portiere curtain is a kind of curtain you hang in the doorway instead of a door, it's very popular in Japan/Southeast Asia where you tend to leave doorways open for ventilation but still want privacy. It is a single curtain with a slit down the middle that goes floor to ceiling. It can also cover small windows instead. It is printed on one side.

The curtain is 80cmx120cm in size It comes with a hanging pole.

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