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Interested in having your art or characters featured on the site? Start by reading our contract here to see what our usual rates are, what the usual terms are, and what to expect when working with us:

If you are still interested upon reading the contract, please fill out this artist application form here.


Have other questions you want answered first? Keep reading!

Q: What is the process like?

A: After you fill out out the form, if accepted, you will be asked to help us fill out your tax form (W-9 or W-8BEN). Please be advised that some non-American artists may be subject to American taxes! You will then be asked to submit a design, and be subject to an exclusive licensing agreement for that design.

Q: Will I retain rights to the image/character?

A: Yes! We do not want any copyrights or trademarks in any of your work. We only want an exclusive license to print.

Q: Can I take my design elsewhere?

A: No you may not, hence the exclusive contract.

Q: Can I sell my work elsewhere?

A: Yes! So long as it is not "substantially similar" to what you offer here. Generally this means that it isn't the same product featuring the same character.

Q: Can I submit fanart of trademarked characters?

A: No, we would get sued.

Q: What are you most likely to accept?

A: What we are most interested in is submissions featuring characters with an existing fanbase, ideally those which are featured in a game, animation series, or webcomic which you yourself produce. Don't let that scare you off, though! We are always looking to fill new niches with quality designs.



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