About Us

What is Fluff & Stuff?

We originated as FurryDakimakura back in the 10s. We were actually one of the first American furry dakimakura distributors, hence the very easy name! But as the fandom grew, and the availability of merch like dakis grew, we started a rebrand after the start of the COVID pandemic. We now try to be a general home goods store for furries, specializing in NSFW home decor. (Think furry Bed Bath and Beyond with more knots and less bankruptcy [knock on wood]). Now, we sell shower curtains, throw rugs, beach towels, and more!

Who are your super attractive mascots?

The fox dad is Graham (but you can totally call him daddy), and the ponyboy is Roan. The fox's design is a much updated version of our Fox Dad mascot from FurryDakimakura days. As of my writing this (5/25/24), we still have ChumBasket's daki of Fox Dad on our store if you want to see the earlier character design! GotSomeHaps did our new fox and pony design and most of the character icons for the store, though we had some help with a few others from some in-house artists. Haps did amazing character design work with Graham and Roan, and we love this couple~

Who all comprises Fluff & Stuff?

Fluff & Stuff is a merch company owned by Fenris Publishing, LLC. It's formally owned by Rex Fenris. Howl is the creative director and oversees what designs get published. Izzy and Tristan handle the production and operations side of things, handling customer service and order fulfillment. And Rob-Viz is our amazing website designer who gave our old website the much needed lo-fi boost!

How do I get in touch?

You can e-mail us at management@fdaki.com with any and all queries. However, if you are interested in working with us as an artist, you should contact Howl directly at thurstonhowl@fenrispublishing.com