Richard's Shower Wallscroll by CaptainGerBear

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Southern heat has a differ'nt meanin' when it comes to this rhino, 'n this time, he ain't talkin' 'bout it bein' hot outside.  How 'bout ya help 'im dry off 'n let 'im show ya what he really means?

Art by CaptainGerBear

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Both sizes come with aluminum hanging poles.

Standard size is 60cmx90cm. Jumbo size is 90cmx180cm!

THIS IS A MADE-TO-ORDER ITEM. Please allow 4-8 weeks for this item to arrive.

Looking to save big on shipping? Especially overseas? Order your wall scroll without poles!

Finished product is not censored.

Purchase price does not include shipping and handling. International shipping is available.


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